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The (Super) Heroes Journey

Jul 6, 2019

Topics this week:

  • Paul Rudd joins the cast of the new Ghostbusters film
  • Selma Hayek joins The Eternals cast
  • More Black Widow set photos, a villain is revealed
  • Vanessa Kirby rumored to be eyed for Catwoman
  • Andy Serkis being eyed for a villain role in The Batman
  • The Flash gets another new director and writer
  • Dave Bautista eyed for Darth Bane role in a Star Wars TV series
  • Noah Hawley talked to Kevin Feige about his Doctor Doom film
  • 1st official photos from The Witcher TV series
  • Netflix orders a series based on Neil Gaiman's Sandman
  • J.A. Bayona to direct the 1st two episodes of the Lord of the Rings series on Amazon.